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Modern trends of design and concern for the environment require the high quality of lighting. Quality of raw materials, safety, energy economy and usability are the most important characteristics, which user examines when he chooses lighting equipment.


Russian company “Bosma” understands necessity of today, develop and create professional light equipment which corresponds to the present requests for illuminators. In illuminators of “Bosma” brand they use only low – energy bulb, which fit to the international standards. Stylish, laconically, elaboration designs of illuminators allow using them in different types of different areas.


Our specialists have taken care about everything when created maximum easy-use and convenient for installation. The most important characteristics of “Bosma” are outstanding achievement in light and design theme, modern and high technologic use of raw material and use of high quality component and spare parts, ergonomic overview of lighting fixtures and also strict control at the every step of production. All mentioned above allow asserting that “Bosma” equipment is reliable equipment.


“Bosma” is a lighting technology equipment which produce only high quality ergonomical indoor lighting and moreover it is easy to install.

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